Conference “Family and Migration

January 2019

Press release published by Camille Raillon, in charge of IFCU RefugeesLab.

On this occasion, more than twenty professional jurists, psychologists, humanitarians and academics came together and began a dialogue between representatives and researchers in various fields. The themes addressed their experiences, concerns and challenges concerning family reunification in Europe, the reception of isolated minors, and family resilience in extreme conditions of suffering (material, symbolic and human losses). Francois Mabille, Secretary General of IFCU, Hervé Le Bras, Demographer at INED and Didier Leschi Director of OFII launched the conference. The conference was the beginning of a multi-disciplinary exchange and resulted in the development of two research actions aimed to help the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Video of the Conference :

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Didier Leschi (Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration) et Valérie Aubourg (Institut des Sciences de la Famille, Université Catholique de Lyon)
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