Statement of the IFCU Administrative Board

Paris, March 2019

The Board of the International Federation of Catholic Universities, that represents Catholic Universities in 65 different countries met in Paris from March 6 to March 8 2019 to approve its triennial plan and discuss strategic development guidelines for global higher education.

Acting to respond to the changing nature of higher education and provide answers, at a time when universities are facing a brave new world of opportunities and disruption, the Federation aims to support global collaboration, binding the voices of our members in a global engagement for robust research and values-driven academic training. IFCU approved the new strategic plan (2019-2021) ‘A Global Voice for the Common Future’, that underlines the commitment to jointly create impact in a world increasingly in need of institutions informed by values, defending dignity, democracy, freedom of speech, solidarity and justice.

The Federation works in full support of Pope Francis call to work identify “concrete and viable solutions” in order to build “inclusive and fair societies, capable of restoring dignity to those living in great uncertainty who cannot dream of a better world”.