The 6th International Symposium on Education was held on 25 and 26 April 2019

April 25-26th, 2019

This conference included a multiplicity of simultaneous sessions and workshops on hundreds of topics, and the difficulty for the visitor was to select a few - any choice implying that you necessarily miss another presentation or an exciting discussion in a nearby room. On higher education, reflections and research reports were proposed, among many other themes, on the use of digital and artificial intelligence - as pedagogical supports and means of supervision, in the evaluation of learning, in the correction of examinations - as well as on the collaborative reverse class in hybrid education and the digital platform at university, in particular.
IFCU also proposed a reflection, through its research director, Corinne Mellul, on the theme of "constraint" in digital pedagogy. The objective was to invite the public to consider how to reduce the constraining, even boring dimension of classical education (lectures, complex and sometimes impenetrable content, individual work and responsibilities) that seems to underlie the transformations of technology-based university pedagogy (gamification, group work, freedom of distance work, personalized paths, flexible assessment methods). Does such a paradigm shift, often seen as the key to democratizing university access, not risk preparing the younger generations badly for a future of work that will not meet them but that they will have to conquer and regain in conditions that are currently difficult to predict?