Socio-cultural Aspects of Alcohol Consumption in Latin America and Prevention Strategies

This article analyzes the consumption of alcohol in Latin America as a social phenomenon, from historical origins and introducing the current characteristics of this practice, and creating awareness of the prevalence of the consumption of this substance in the region. It highlights the roots this socially and legally accepted drug has in the Latin American cultures, which makes the idea of a teetotal society a utopia. There is a proposal to work of prevention through strategies and interventions that are culturally appropriate for our context.

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Authors: Castaño Pérez, Guillermo Alonso
Date of the document: 2008
Number of pages: 13
Collection: Revista Análisis – Vol. 7, 15-27
ISBN: 0123-6814
Theme: Social and health Issues

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South America | Central America | Culture and alcohol | Prevention Strategy