Psychoactive Substance Use and Child Abuse

This research with drug-addicted teenage mothers seeks to establish the existent relationship between the use of psychoactive substances and the abuse towards their children. Researchers have worked with a sample of 50 teenagers aged between 13 and 19. The results reveal the existence of a statistically significant relation between psychoactive substance use and child abuse; likewise, they show correlations with the components of psychological abuse, by carelessness and by physical abuse. Differences were found between the group of mothers who had a child and those that had two, both at the level of consumption and abuse. Similarly, there are differences among age groups in terms of consumption and abuse.

Authors: Nicolás Chahín Pinzón, Blanca Libia Briñez
Date of the document: 2011
Number of pages: 9
Collection: Revista Análisis – Vol. 8
ISBN: 0123-6814
Theme: Social and health Issues


Drugs and addiction | Abuse of children and teens | Children | Youth