Management and Leadership

Action-oriented Programs for Catholic Universities’ Heads and Aspiring Heads

Based on the successful experience of the Rectors’ leadership program, two editions of which have proved very rewarding, several programs are now offered by IFCU to heads of affiliated institutions in order to reinforce their skills and to enable them to draw benefit from the richness brought about by exchange between peers sharing common values and issues.

Women’s Leadership in Catholic Universities - English-speaking edition

Public: Senior women executives in Catholic higher education institutions, Rectors/Presidents, vice-rectors, directors of departments and institutes, those with functional responsibilities across their institution, board members, and those identified as potential future leaders
Language (s) of training: Old English
Country: Italy


This program aims at promoting the empowerment of women within Catholic higher education, more specifically their implication in the reform and management of systems and HEI. It will review the challenges that women face in these institutions and discuss the way they can use their specific sociocultural experience and charisma to contribute to the redefinition of their role inside the university and to create, on campus, teams of resource persons that will contribute to implement and operate programs and workshops promoting better gender equality.



Program Coordinator

T: +33 (0) 1 44 39 52 26