Internationalization and interculturality

Acquire the practical keys to cross cultural encounters, essential in the age of globalization of higher education

In a context marked by the globalization of higher education, it is essential that Catholic universities take into account the new order and develop their international dimension, not only through successful partnerships with institutions around the world, but also in using the strategies of internationalization « at home », in order to reach a maximum of people. In particular, they need to think of their strategy of welcoming foreign students and academics, in order to maximize the value that a multicultural campus can bring.

The Cross Cultural Dimension of University Management - English-speaking edition

Public: Senior university management, including Presidents/ Rectors, vice-rectors, deans, program directors, international office directors, directors of admissions, board members, staff identified as potential future leaders
Language (s) of training: Old English
Duration: On demand


The global outreach of the Church involves all Catholic university-level institutions. Thus, all such institutions have direct, hands-on contact with students, faculty, university administrators, and government officials from other countries. This direct interchange implies a knowledge and understanding not only of the administrative processes of other institutions and governments but more importantly of the ways of thinking of the people of other countries. This program is designed to provide the practical keys to cross cultural encounters not from the point of view of politeness and handshakes, but of profound cultural values and their historical origins.



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