Integral campus

Acquire original tools designed by IFCU to help executive teams develop a campus inspired by Catholic values, fully dedicated to the integral human development of its students.

IFCU’s Integral Campus Program aims at providing university heads with exclusive innovative ideas, solutions and decision-making tools, both turnkey and inexpensive, regarding the systemic and integral management of universities.

Transforming your University into an “Integral Campus” - English-speaking edition

Public: Rectors, vice-rectors, deans, directors
Language (s) of training: Old English
Duration: On demand
Venue of the training session: Europe - TBA


This program aims at presenting Executive Teams’ members with all the deliverables of the IFCU Integral Campus Program conducted in 2018. After defining and discussing the concept of “integral campus / university” and its evaluation criteria, the results of the global survey on best practices on the creation of integral campuses and systemic approach to university management. While exploring the dedicated website of the Program, participants will discover and use the strategic and operational tools specially created to help them develop an “integral” vision of their campus and carry out a self-diagnosis of their strategy and their operations. A sharing of experiences and expertise about university transformation and new project implementation will also be organized, in order to foster understandings on the success factors of an university transition towards “integral university”, emulate the participants’ ambitions, and allow them to freely discuss on the difficulties and challenges to be overcome and the solutions to be provided. The session will close with collective and individual creativity exercises allowing the participants to project themselves in the future of the universities, better imagine the strengthening of the “integral” aspects, and apply the teaching received during the training.



Program Coordinator

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