Promote and maintain an innovative spirit within teams and university operations

The purpose of this program is to open up entirely new opportunities for the attendees by empowering them to create an innovation and collective intelligence strategy and facilitation plan. Whether they wish to mobilize their teams or the whole university staff, it aims at enabling them to create a flourishing culture of innovation, creativity and agility within their teams, inspiring confidence, serenity, inventiveness and involvement from the personnel. It will focus on the needs of the participants: everyone will have the opportunity to strategize their own innovation process using the co-design tools taught during the training.

Foresight Course - Development of universities, transformation of professions and new courses to be created for students

Public: university presidents, deans, members of managerial staff at institutions of higher learning
Date of the training session: October 17, 2019
Language (s) of training: English
Duration: 2 days
Country: France


The world market of higher education is facing deep mutations. The 4th industrial revolution and its emerging technologies, in particular Artificial Intelligence, are posing the greatest contemporary challenge to universities across the globe. While this already requires a profound restructuring of our campuses, the obsolescence or mutation of entire categories of jobs and the development of new ones on the labor market also require that institutions of higher learning rethink their educational mission.

To assist the presidents and managerial staff of member-universities, IFCU has created a Foresight Unit, which publishes two annual reports – one on the future of work and the other on Catholic higher education.

In addition, IFCU is now offering a foresight training program that focuses on new trends in higher learning, changes in the labor market and how universities have to create new educational programs in order to respond to those changes.


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