The International Research and Decision-Making Center is one of the main services of the Federation. Its mission consists of promoting interuniversity and multidisciplinary research within the framework of international cooperation.


Aware of the concerns, interests and expectations of Catholic universities and their respective fields of action, it offers a platform for encounter, debate, production and circulation of knowledge, in order to permanently question the main challenges posed today to human, scientific, social and ecclesial development.


Since 1975 the Center has promoted numerous cooperation activities all over the world, with the institutions that are part of the Federation’s international network. Clearly innovative initiatives and topics have found their place alongside more traditional projects. Training and education have always been at the heart of its concerns.


During all these years, the Center has carried out projects in a wide range of fields, including human mobility (migrations, displacement), social issues (addictions, families at risk, social inclusion), environmental challenges (soil fertilization, water management), poverty reduction, human rights and peace building, dialogue between culture and religion. It has also implemented specific education and training projects on student cultures (worldwide survey), university leadership (Rectors’ program) and social-oriented e-learning.


The results of its activities are made available both to the academic community and the society through the publications of its projects, the magazine Análisis and the series of the Journals of the Center for Coordination of Research.