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Observatory on cultural and religious diversity in Latin America and the Caribbean (ODREC)


The network aims at building a virtual and collaborative community bringing together all the institutions and actors belonging to the field of intercultural and religious issues within the subcontinent in order to transform and enrich the corresponding spheres from a social, existential and political perspective. Around 160 scholars and researchers are part of the network today, which still continues to grow.


The main tool providing a meeting point as well as animating the network is the Observatory of cultural and religious diversity in Latin America (ODREC), both physical and virtual platform coordinating the whole of activities carried out in the field.


The team in charge of the Observatory is entrusted with monitoring and disseminating news, training activities available, research projects underway, publications released, laws promulgated, alongside any other event related to intercultural and religious issues in the region. Information is disseminated through a periodical e-bulletin sent to all network members.


The Observatory also organises academic, scientific, editorial and training activities, among which:


  • The seminar-workshops of the network, both virtual and in-person, which consolidated interinstitutional co-operation among member institutions.
  • Research projects related to educating for peace building, interreligious dialogue and studies on religious transformations.
  • The holding of international congresses on cultural and religious diversity in the region.
  • The editorial fora, bibliographical compilations and assisted readings by ODREC members.
  • The survey conducted on changes and constants in political and religious identity in Colombia.
  • The thematic conversation rounds held in several countries participating in the network.
  • The signature of specific interinstitutional agreements, in particular a covenant with the Observatory on Communication, Religion and Culture from Universidad Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain.

Forthcoming activities:


  • Setting up and implementing an International Index on Religious and Cultural Diversity in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a view to periodically monitoring changes in culture and religion in the region and their incidences on social, economic and political arenas.
  • Broadening the network within the subcontinent and beyond it through strategic alliances with other structures or institutions working on the same issues.
  • Building interinstitutional and transnational partnerships for professional training, joint research and organisation of seminars in the region.
  • Defining strategies for social and political impact in order to inform and have a lasting effect on all the stakeholders working to build peace and intercultural-interreligious dialogue, including field actors and policy-makers both at national and regional level.


Coordinating institution: Universidad de San Buenaventura (Bogotá, Colombia)


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