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Vatican II: an historical event, the stakes for today

This project is the result of a fruitful collaboration among various institutions from several continents and fits into the framework of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the holding of Vatican II Council.


The Project gathers 20 groups made up of about 100 researchers and experts on Vatican II from all over the world, specialized in history, theology, canon right or sociology.


It is precisely with a view to commemorating the anniversary of the Council and reflecting upon the challenges that the conciliar event poses for today and tomorrow societies, that after a process of study, exchange and analysis, a major international colloquium will take place in April 2015 in Paris, restricted to researchers that are active in this field. Additionally, three evening sessions open to a larger public will be held in collaboration with the main Christian higher education institutions in Paris, in order to extend the debates and share Vatican II’s inspiring lessons.


The main products of the project will consist of an academic document addressed to the university community, with a special emphasis on theologians, although open to the Church in general. And a complementary press release draught in a simpler and practical style and language to be disseminated in the society as a whole.



  1. Vatican II, what inspiration for today?
  2. Describing the present time
  3. The encounter between the Gospel and the Church with the world and the cultures
  4. Working towards building a culture of peace
  5. The service of theology today


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Preparatory pre-colloquium:

October 21st – 22nd, 2014, Centre Sèvres, Paris, France


Dates: April 11th-13th, 2015

Venue: Seat of the French Bishops’ Conference, Paris, France

Attendants: researchers studying Vatican II or aspects directly related to the conciliar event

Each evening a thematic session will take place in the main Christian higher education institutions in Paris. The sessions will be open to a large public, free access


Download the Program of the Colloquium in English



Center for Coordination of Research, International Federation of Catholic Universities (CCR-IFCU)

Guy-Réal THIVIERGE, Secretary General of IFCU and director of the CCR

Montserrat ALOM, Project Chief of the CCR



Christoph THEOBALD, Professor at the Jesuit Colleges of Paris and Editor in Chief of the journal “Recherches de science religieuse”

Pedro Rubens FERREIRA OLIVEIRA, Rector of the Catholic University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil

Mathijs LAMBERIGTS, Dean of the College of Theology and Religious Sciences of KU Leuven and Coordinator of the Research Unit of the History of the Church and Theology, Belgium

Gilles ROUTHIER, Dean of the University of Laval, Québec, Canada



Valerie LE CHEVALIER, Manager of the secretariat of the journal “Recherches de science religieuse”

Dries BOSSCHAERT, Doctoral candidate in Theology (FWO) at KU Leuven and Manager of the secretariat of the Scientific Committee

Erwan CHAUTY, Doctoral candidate in Theology, Centre Sèvres

Anderson PEDROSO, Doctoral candidate in Theology, Centre Sèvres



Theologicum – Institut Catholique de Paris

Collège des Bernardins

Centre Sèvres-Facultés Jésuites de Paris



Institut Saint-Serge

Institut Protestant de Théologie