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World survey on youth cultures


The cultural, social, political and religious upheavals that our societies are experiencing and that particularly affect the fields of education, often make it difficult to read the inner world and the deeper workings of the students; students who are not so dissimilar from those studying in other universities. A diagnosis of the current situation had thus become more and more necessary.


The study has a twofold objective: at a cognitive level, it aims at gaining a deeper understanding of the ways in which young generations construct their lives; at a pedagogical level, it seeks to contribute to review or adapt universities’ pedagogical practices with a view to continuously improving the quality and services offered to students.


The study in the news:




What are today’s youth like? Are they so different as their parents?

How do they position themselves with regard to family? and, to society?

Why do they study? What makes sense to their lives?

What are their future plans?


... these are some of the questions the study answers,

but many more are the issues it raises,

inviting us to reflection and to action


This research study, planned by the CCR, together with a Scientific Committee led by Dr. Rosa Aparicio (Instituto Ortega y Gasset, Madrid, Spain) and an International Committee, is based on the answers of almost 16.600 students from all over the world, in the first and last year of their undergraduate studies, from more than 55 IFCU affiliated universities located in a total of 35 different countries. The questionnaire used, which was made up of 84 questions with multiple choices covering all aspects of youth’s lives, was implemented on-line in 17 languages.


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