The Ex Corde Ecclesiæ Medal and The Sciat Vt Serviat Prize

Member Awards


The Ex Corde Ecclesiæ Medal

This Medal rewards the tangible presence and recognition of the Federation to its members both for their distinction and their merit.

It is conferred in the following circumstances: on the occasion of a noteworthy anniversary of the foundation of a member or associate member institution, regional and sectorial group; on the host university of the General Assembly or in the context of any other activity that is particularly inspiring or innovative at the level of a Catholic university; and last, on the host institution of the annual meeting of the Administrative Board of the Federation.

The Sciat Vt Serviat Prize

The Sciat Vt Serviat Prize rewards applied research work that will highlight an original and fruitful initiative in the context of the mission of IFCU and Catholic universities in several fields: the Catholic identity, international collaboration and initiatives for development and peace. This Prize can be given to an institution or group of institutions whose creative work represents an important and inspiring contribution to the Catholic university culture.


For further information on how to receive the Sciat Vt Serviat Prize or the Ex Corde Ecclesiæ Medal, please contact the IFCU Secretariat.