The International Federation of Catholic Universities
The University at the core of our commitment since 1924

Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Priority 1. Renewing the Organizational Structure and Visibility of the IFCU

1.1. More effective operations thanks to better organization of the Bureau

  • Develop better job descriptions, taking into account the priorities outlined in the Plan
  • Carry out monitoring of missions and projects, fix objectives
  • Mink Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General

1.2. Redefinition of the project system of the Center for the Coordination of Research - Committee

  • Assessment of current system: analysis of processes, criteria and methods used
  • Definition of clearer guiding principles for the project system, thus encouraging increased participation and better representation from participating institutions
  • Disclosure of this system to members

1.3. Increase the visibility and participation of the IFCU in major international organizations

  • Participate in the activities of the Holy See
  • Participate in meetings held by UNESCO and the Council of Europe
  • Ensure representation at the UN, ECOSOC, the Human Rights Commission
  • Participate in the activities of regional episcopal Conferences.

1.4. Increased involvement of Board Members in the decision-making process and the creation of various committees:

  • Strategic Plan (the challenges faced by the IFCU)
  • Fundraising
  • Management and Finances
  • Affiliation
  • Statutes and By-Laws (in preparation of the 2018 GA)

1.5. More active participation for the Presidents of Regions in the Federation

  • Organize a schedule of official visits and plan the participation of the President and Presidents of Regions in important events for the Federation, particularly with regards to: the Congregation for Catholic Education, the IEC, donors, Regional Associations, Sectorial Groups.


Priority 2. Improving the Cooperation, Reach and Life of the IFCU network

2.1. Redefining the project for IFCU’s institutional communication policy

Assess the procedures for the IFCU’s internal and external communication
Identify actions to foster cooperation between member institutes.
Define and implement a flexible and effective communication system

2.2. Identifying the current resources and needs of affiliated universities

  • Create an inventory of the faculties and departments by domain
  • Create a database of experts from affiliated universities
  • Implement specific training programs
  • Identify hubs and cooperation programs (excl. research) to create new sources of collaboration and to foster cooperation between universities

2.3. Increasing level of student involvement in IFCU activities

  • Instigate an instrumentum laboris using the World Survey of Youth Culture
  • Assess the possibilities of creating a program of international mobility: website
  • Promote participation among graduate and post-graduate students in the activities of Sectorial Groups and research projects

2.4. Creating an inter-library network

  • Create an inventory of the main member universities who offer free-access collections
  • Develop a project outlining the aims, method, organization and necessary costs of the creation and administration of a virtual library.
  • Create the IFCU virtual library network

2.5. Fostering solidarity and cooperation towards our more vulnerable universities

  • Create a special committee
  • Create an inventory of precarious regions and universities and their true needs and identify the fields of action
  • Foster and strengthen the initiatives of Regional Associations and members
  • Study the possibility of creating a grant system for vulnerable institutions
  • Prioritize access for vulnerable members for certain IFCU activities (Rectors’ program, research projects, specific training in fundraising and research methodology)


Priority 3. Rethinking the IFCU on the eve of its centenary celebrations and for its future

  • Strategic direction
  • Fundraising
  • Affiliation strategies