International Federation of Catholic Universities.
Administrative Reports 2012 - 2015

Triennial Reports

Message from the President


The General Assembly is a key moment for the International Federation of Catholic Universities. This triennial event is a forum for Rectors, Presidents, and University representatives to share the hopes and concerns they have about their joint mission of service to the Church at the heart of societies. It is also the occasion to collectively think and identify the challenges and opportunities that we face in a constantly changing world, as evidenced by the young students who took part in the IFCU Youth Cultures Worldwide Study. Finally, this gathering is the opportunity to keep our wonderful IFCU tradition alive- firmly entrenched in the present yet open to the future.

We live in exciting times. The election of Pope Francis (2013), IFCU’s 90th anniversary, the 50-year anniversary of the approval of Gravissimum Educationis and the close of the Second Vatican Council, and the 25th anniversary of the Apostolic Constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae (2015) are just some of the highlights. In this commemorative context, we would like to take advantage of this “Ecclesial Spring” to renew our hope, and look to our past and dare the aggionarmento of our Federation as it gets ready to celebrate its first hundred years.  All this while we aim to heed the signs of the times and our primary purpose, Sciat Vt Serviat.

The Administrative Reports summarize IFCU’s main activities from 2012 - 2015. As you can see, they show that our large network of universities is very dynamic. The Strategic Plan clearly lays out the priorities and objectives we hope to achieve by carrying out actions that have been assigned leaders and deadlines so we can guarantee regular and objective follow up of these goals.

I suggest you take in these Reports as you would a delicious, copious meal. Do not just select one of the items on the menu.  Rather, savor it all.  Join us at the proverbial dinner table and taste each of the dishes that have been carefully concocted with ingredients from all over the world. As we come to the end of this three-year cycle, it is good to take stock of what has been accomplished and give thanks to God, our partners, and everyone who has invested in the many services, meetings, and projects that are offered by the General Secretariat, the Center for Coordination of Research, Regional Associations, and Sectorial Groups.  Enjoy!


Pedro Rubens, s.j.

IFCU President


Message from the Secretary General


We are pleased to submit the triennial Administrative Reports to the General Assembly and sincerely hope that our members and associates enjoy them. They go over the main activities that have taken place under the aegis of our Federation. First, you will find a general overview of the main research projects carried out with the General Secretariat, followed by a description of the main research and training projects supported by the Center for Coordination of Research.  A financial report for each area is included at the end. Readers will be able to judge for themselves the teamwork that went into each of the bodies of the Federation.  The projects are varied and diverse, and demonstrate the Federation’s evolution and capacity for change.  In that way, the documents you are about to read are both a memory of the last three years in the life of the Federation and a perspective towards the future that we are called upon to build together.


The main activities of the General Secretariat to which we would like to draw your attention are: the Executive Board and Board of Administration meetings; the Strategic Plan (which is proposed by the President) and its deployment; Regional and Sectorial activities; new members and disaffiliations, and international relations.


As for the Center for Coordination of Research, our report is essentially made up of the many research and training projects. We have also included information about researchers and their universities, working methods, training and orientation meetings, international events, and publications that make up the activities of the CCR on in its 40th year (1975-2015).


The most recent notable activities of our Information and Communication department include the service of news from the Catholic universities, the priorities of the international agenda for higher education, and the Federation’s Internet portal.


Finally, we would like to spotlight three recent events at the Federation.  They are: the nomination of a new Deputy Secretary General, Father Barnabe D’Souza, Indian and member of the Salesian community; the publication of Youth Cultures in Catholic Universities – A Worldwide Study; and the first ever book on the history of the Federation: IFCU, A Prophetic Organization, which will be presented during the General Assembly.


Enjoy your reading.


Prof. Msgr. Guy-Réal Thivierge,

IFCU Secretary General