A New IFCU Sectorial Group in the Making? - ‘Right to Food, Peace and Democracy’ Colloquium

29 September 2015
A New IFCU Sectorial Group in the Making? - ‘Right to Food, Peace and Democracy’ Colloquium

‘Right to Food, Peace and Democracy’  a Colloquium organized by the IFCU, Holy See and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, was held in Milan between September 17 and 19th.


There were several IFCU member Universities and experts from the IFCU that made presentations and collaborated along with the host University experts to organize the 40 research presentations at the various thematic workshops.


The Secretary General, Msgr. Guy-Réal Thivierge in his opening remarks at the Colloquium, paid tribute to the host University and its  former Rector, Fr.Augstino Gemelli who was one of the 3 Rectors from Europe, who were instrumental in the founding of the Federation of  Catholic Universities in 1924.

Msgr. Thivierge in addressing the participants of the Colloquium remarked, that the, Right to Food, Peace and Democracy is in keeping with the dignity of the human being, since he is the center of creation. H. Ex. Msgr. Zani the Secretary of the Congregation of Education too spoke of how ‘Laudato Si’ so well fitted into the context of Colloquium.


The Colloquium closed with a proposed position paper drawn from the discussions and presentations of the previous days, at the Conference Centre of the Milan Expo 2015.

A major outcome of this Colloquium, is to formulate an IFCU Sectorial group for Sciences. To this end further meetings are to be held in Paris at the IFCU Secretariat this semester of 2015, to finalize details and open participation this new IFCU Sectorial group of the Sciences.


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