Celebration of 128th National Mathematics Day in Salesian College, Siliguri Campus

14 December 2015
Celebration of 128th National Mathematics Day in Salesian College, Siliguri Campus



Department of Mathematics

10 December, Salesian College Siliguri Campus

The program began at 11 a.m., with the lighting of the lamp by Rev. Principal Fr. George Thadathil, Vice Principal Fr. Vallikunnel Aju Kurian and the founder professor Dhirodutta Subba of the mathematics department. The host of the day was Novin Chandra Chhetri and the program started with the  song 'We Are The World' performed by Divyata Chhetri, Neha Lama, Surya Prakash Roka and Allan Rai. Then an introductory speech by Seema Gupta was delivered ‘introducing’ Mathematics in an amicable way to the audience mostly belonging to humanities group. Fr. Thadathil enlightened the young minds with his wise words. Four interesting topics of Mathematics were presented by the students of the department. The trivia of ‘Most Beautiful Equation’ was presented by Yash Agarwal; to clear a fostered misconception Anuj Kr. Bhagat presented ‘Approximation or Actual’; the mathematical beauty of Cantor Set containing uncountable infinitely many points and yet of measure 0 was presented by Divyata Chhetri and Swarup Paul in the name of ‘Empty AND Crowded’ which helped them to become the best presenter of the day; and at last the direct encounter of Mathematics with philosophy was made by Allan Rai in ‘Paradoxical Truth’. These had all been prepared under the guidance of Asst. Prof. Subhajit Paul. A short speech was deliverd by Registrar Dr. Satyen C Das and Prof. Dhirodutta Subba. Later on, Dr. Kabita Sarkar came up with her overwhelming words regarding the history of the department. Then a short presentation was presented by Priyanka Roy to through lights on the colorful memories of Mathematics Department. Then a very calm and gentle mathematical song ‘Onker Khata’ was sung by Divyata Chhetri and Swarup Paul along with some beautiful but humorous animated presentation by Aditya Mitra and Loden Lama. And lastly a short brainstorming mathematical quiz was conducted by Swarup Paul under the guidance of Asst. Prof. Debdut Sengupta and Asst. Prof. Mohan B Subba.


The program came to an end with encouraging words by Vice Principal followed by the distribution of Madhava Mathematics Competition (MMC) Certificate and a vote of thanks by Neha Lama to one and all who joined to mark the day and understand what a real mathematics looks like other than a simple numbers that is being seen on pages.



Reported By,

Surya Prakash Roka, Part-II

Yash Agarwal, Part-I