Headmaster of PUC-Rio releases LAUDATO SI’ in COP-21

12 November 2015
Headmaster of PUC-Rio releases LAUDATO SI’ in COP-21


After the announcement of the Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’, in June, the Headmaster of PUC-Rio met with the Cardinal Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Dom Orani Tempesta, O.Cist, in order to detail the key points of the document. The Encyclical is directed to believers and non-believers, with an open dialogue to humanity, in search of solutions to the global environmental crisis.


Priest Josafá Carlos de Siqueira, S.J, spoke about Laudato Si’ in a series of debates in all of PUC-Rio centers and other institutions, like the Institute of Religious Studies (ISER), the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, the National Association of Catholic Education of Brazil (ANEC), in Brasília, the International Theology Symposium in PUC-Rio, the Loyola Center of Goiânia and the Association of Christians Directors of Enterprises from Rio Grande do Sul. Until now, the Headmaster has made 16 lectures, addressing different approaches of Laudato Si’.

The minister of Environment, Izabella Teixeira, who participated in one of the meetings that took place in PUC-Rio, highlighted the importance of the document in regard of socio-environmental questions. In the occasion, Priest Josafá Carlos de Siqueira, S.J, declared that the Letter encourages the philosophical, theological and social reflection. “It is not a technical document; it is a document in line with philosophical, theological and social reflection. It is message to Catholics, other religions, and also to non-believers”, said the Headmaster.


Recently, because of the release of Fraternity Campaign from CNBB 2016, at the Archdiocese in Rio de Janeiro, the Headmaster addressed the close relationship between the Campaign’s theme, “Casa comum, nossa responsabilidade”, and the Laudato Si’. According to him, the Encyclical comes up in an important historical moment, where nations are having to assume more effective commitments to deal with the environmental crisis that is going on. “The humanity has to rescue some values from its relation with the Creation, as well as have the courage to take the necessary and urgent measures to avoid the growth of socio-environmental problems”, wrote priest Josafá Carlos de Siqueira, S.J, in the 292o edition of Jornal da PUC.

At the end of the year and, in 2016, the Headmaster of PUC-Rio will procced with the series of lectures about the Encyclical Laudato Si’. Meetings are already organized at the Justice Tribunal, the Dom Vital Center, in Rio de Janeiro, the UNILASSALE, in Niterói, and at Anchieta, in Espírito Santo. This way, PUC-Rio fulfils its mission to contribute even more to the propagation of the Ecological Encyclical of Pope Francis in Brazil.


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