IFCU releases a publication relating to its history

24 July 2015
IFCU releases a publication relating to its history

IFCU releases a publication relating its history


Following its 90th anniversary, the International Federation of the Catholic Universities releases a publication relating to its history . Available in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Italian and French), this work is the fruit of a historic research led by Michèle Jarton, historian and canonist, who presents the genesis of our Federation, founded in 1924.


Presentation by Prof. Msgr. Guy-Réal Thivierge, IFCU Secretary General


Could IFCU be an ode to the future? Far from being rhetorical, this question seeks to awaken the mind and invite the reader of the Federation to position him or herself at the outset, in the future, where the treasures of history find their real meaning and culmination as they constantly pollinate imagination and creativity, and become human with the aid of its institutions. The many practitioners who work in this university adventure often elicit admiration, sometimes irritation, and always, in the long term, thanksgiving. They give us the strength to re-examine and contemplate ninety-years of history (1924-2014), which will build the future of the next ten years; leading to the Centenary celebrations of the founding of the International Federation of Catholic Universities. An ode to the future, certainly; it is a symphony of hope that guides the navigator with confidence towards new and distant horizons.


In this work, the historian wishes to be faithful to the principles of the profession by adhering to documents, facts and circumstances. Furthermore, we have every reason to believe that the current state of sources, whether in destroyed archives, unavailable or dispersed; present the events in order of their succession, according to the rules of the chronicle, by far the most appropriate and suitable choice. On the one hand, it recounts the sequence of events as revealed in the documents consulted, whereas on the other hand, it promotes the development perspective of these events with the aim of a diachronic intelligence about the history of IFCU. The future will perhaps one day publish a vision that is specifically synchronic ... In any event, those who believe that happiness is dull because it lacks desire, will be served at will: while reading they may find certain surprising situations, wherein the protagonists are sometimes outspoken, lively, often combative; with suspense in the rendezvous. The story depicts the unvarnished real history of the Federation, its comings and goings, repetitive scenarios and providential surprises, in short, everything that makes an organization on the move, that can be called, quite rightly, prophetic.


A copy of this work will be sent to all IFCU affiliated institutions.


IFCU a Prophetic Organization, Michèle Jarton, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 424 pages, 2015 – ISBN : 978-88-209-9564-5


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