ITW Fabio Baggio, CS

18 May 2017
ITW Fabio Baggio, CS

Fabio Baggio, c.s. «Pope Francis asks us to spread a positive vision of migrations by enhancing the benefits  and advantages it offers»


A seminar on « Migrants and Refugees » took place at the Pontificia Università Gregoriana in Rome on 24 March 2017, organised by our federation and its partners. The aim of this meeting was to draw a state of the art and work on the pedagogies of an International Conference that will be held in the same place in November 2017.

Fabio Baggio, c.s., Under Secretary of the "Migrants and Refugees Section" of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human talked in the name of Pope Francis.

The "Migrants and Refugees Section" of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human is an organ of the Roman Curia, created by the Sovereign Pontiff in 2016 to deal with the migrant and refugees problem.


According to Fabio Baggio, Pope Francis considers the migrants and refugees issue as fundamental. For him, it is one of the major stakes of our epoch.


The Holy Father, through Father Baggio, asked the participants to spread a positive vision of’immigration by enhancing its benefits and advantages.


According to Father Baggio who associated Father Czerny, s.j. – also Under-Secretary of the Section in his reflection, the work to be carried out must be divided into three stages.


First, one must collect the most information from various sources (researchers, non-governmental organisations, etc.). Then one must analyse and reflect on it. Last, it is essential to promote the activities supported by the various organisations.


Under the direct authority of Pope Francis, the Migrants and Refugees Section follows several principles in its work on this theme, such as :


  • Being able to reach the refugees wherever they are (the importance of being at the heart of the actions) ;
  • Creating professional training programmes; 
  • Setting up a programme leading to a degree (by working with operators such as Caritas Internationalis) ;
  • Being in contact with the migrants (importance of dialogue) ;
  • Taking into account research in the field of intercultural psychology ;
  • Collecting the most number of results of research work on unaccompanied minors ;
  • Regular meetings (once a month) with the Holy Father.


You can find more informations on the website of the Section for Migrants and Refugees :