USD Professor Publishes Human Trafficking Article

29 March 2016
USD Professor Publishes Human Trafficking Article

SAN DIEGO, CA ­– Dr. Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, an assistant professor of Political Sociology, at the University of San Diego’s Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, is the editor of a Special Issue of the Journal of Human Trafficking.


The Special Issue is focused entirely on traffickers and slaveholders, a group that is often overlooked in the anti-trafficking movement. Choi-Fitzpatrick says this is important because “these guys get involved in trafficking and slavery for a lot of different reasons. For some this is about greed and for others it’s about survival. These are important things to know if we want to end slavery for good!”


In his introduction to the Issue, Choi-Fitzpatrick emphasizes the importance of a human rights approach to slaveholding, and suggests a better understanding of slavery and slaveholders will help policymakers, social service groups, and law enforcement officials to better understand emancipation.


Through a quantitative and qualitative analysis, Choi-Fitzpatrick found that anti-trafficking groups tend to overlook the role that traffickers play in the problem and in the solution, and he argues the importance of understanding the perpetrator role within a slavery relationship. “It is important that we research the role that traffickers and other perpetrators of slavery play within our society,” says Choi-Fitzpatrick. “Once we understand the impact they have, then we can begin to work towards a solution to the problem they are directly linked to.” The entire special issue, including Choi-Fitzpatrick’s article (“the Good, The Bad, The Ugly”) can be downloaded for free from the Journal of Human Trafficking. Click here to view the entire article.