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Drugs and shared intelligence

Las drogas y la inteligencia compartida

In this paper the author tries to provide some aspects that he considers can have a practical application in the drug addiction prevention and treatment, using as reference research that he conducted about his intelligence theory, which goes from ethics to neurology.

The author considers that drug addiction stems from a serious intelligence breakdown. Relating drug addiction to intelligence brings a different and interesting approach to this problem. He proposes a new model of intelligence in which he establishes the difference between theoretical and practical intelligence; also between the individual and the social or shared one. Some issues related to drug addiction prevention and treatment can be taken from such differentiations. Promoting practical intelligence, which focuses on getting out well from any situation, is useful at the moment of working out problems, which can lead to drug addiction. Another useful strand to follow consists of analyzing behavior elements (knowledge, affective style, control and will systems) in order to modify them if necessary. It also helps us to reflect on social or shared intelligence, its norms and values, for which we are responsible up to a certain extent. An intelligence society could work on its problems by improving its institutions, sharing values and making reality more stimulating and promising.

Marina, José Antonio
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12 pages.-- Issue no. 6 available online at http://www.fiuc.org/cms/ANALISIS/Home/RevistaAnalisis6/index.html

This article was published by Proyecto Hombre, No 40 in December 2001.
Revista Análisis 6: 52-63 (2007)
Shared intelligence; Drug addiction
Análisis – Vol. 6 (2007)
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