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Yunus Emre: Spiritual Experience and Culture

Henn, William; Arik, Oluş; O'Donnell, John; Roest Crollius, Arij A. (ed.); Pelland, Gilles; Serin, Necdet; Delilbaşi, Melek; Costacurta, Bruna; Tekeli, Sevim; Çubukçu, İbrahim Agah; De Medina, Francisco de Borja; Gürsoy, Kenan
Issue Date:
Document type:
Working Paper
Series / Report no.:
Inculturation: Working Papers on Living Faith and Cultures, no. XVI
Proceedings from the Symposium on Yunus Emre held in Rome, Nov 6-9, 1991 by the Gregorian University and University of Ankara.

Available online via GoogleBooks, books.google.co.uk/books?isbn=8876526749

VI, 102 p.

Contents: Bienvenue aux délégués turcs /​ Gilles Pelland; Opening speech /​ Necdet Serin: The era of Yunus Emre and Turkish humanism /​ Melek Delibasi; Abraham as a model of spiritual experience in monotheistic traditions /​ Bruna Costacurta; Cultural background of Yunus Emre /​ Sevim Tekeli; Younus Emre et sa philosophie /​ Ibrahim Agâh Cubukçu; Islam and Christian spirituality in Spain: contacts, influences, similarities /​ Francisco de Borja de Medina; L'homme, le monde et l'univers chez Yunus Emre /​ Kenan Gürsoy; Some elements of the mysticism of St. Francis in the thirteenth century context /​ William Henn; Art and architecture of Anatolia in the age of Yunus Emre /​ Olus Arik; Contemporary approaches to mysticism /​ John O'Donnell.
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