What is more natural among specialists of a same discipline or a same field than to pool a common experience and sensibility in order to share various experiences beyond different cultural contexts without erasing these?

Sectorial Groups


Discussions around a common theme, the organisation of specific research colloquia, projects and activities, exchange of professors, publications, consultancies, whereby the partners consolidate, develop and  share their knowledge and fulfil the academic, ethical and spiritual aims of the Federation by making these concrete and dynamic within the member institutions.

This is how different groups were constituted around professors, researchers and experts who pooled their know-how in a friendly framework which they defined according to forms and an organisation that are their own.

Philosophers, theologians, educationists, political scientists, psychologists, medical doctors, specialists in social sciences, in family studies, etc. have contributed to extend the IFCU family and promote the international scientific impact of the Catholic academics.