The institutes and the centers of the advisable family here of I continue:

• Escuela Universitaria de Ciencas de la Familia, Università Pontificia di Salamanca (Spain)
• Institut d’etudes de la Famille et de la Sexualité, Università Cattolica di Lovanio (Belgium)
• Centro di Ateneo Studi e Ricerche sulla Famiglia, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano (Italy)
• Instituto Universitario "Matrimonio y Familia", Università Pontificia Comillas di Madrid (Spain)
• Institut des Sciences de la Famille, Università Cattolica di Lione (France)

have been based on to Lyons (France) december 16 1995 the REDIF (European Net of the Institutes of the Family); at the conclusion of the third meeting that has held to Salamanca (Spain) 9 and 10 May 1997 adopted a Card in which the spirit are indicated that the soul and the general objectives that itself. Originality of the Institutes and of the Centers founders of the REDIF

The institutes and the centers founders of the REDIF have in commune:

  1.  The belonging to a catholic university
  2.  An object of study and of teaching: the family
    The institutes and the centers limb of the REDIF recognize and identify the family like explicit and specific object of teaching and of search, knowing that this object stops connections The bioethics, the sexuality, ecc.
  3.  An university statute as university,
    The institutes and the centers limb of the REDIF have the worry of a scientific approach strict and critic of the familiar reality, forcing itself besides of to avoid relativisms and dogmatismi.
  4.  An approach pluridisciplinare
    The institutes and the centers limb of the REDIF consider that, because of its complexity and of its challenges, the familiar reality deserves of affected according to an approach pluridisciplinare, in the perspective of to realize the following objectives: to describe, to explain, to include and to appraise the familiar connections.It is given the requirement of to think together the disciplines and the practices, distinguendole and connettendole.
  5.  The engagement in the relation with the social actors
    The institutes and the centers limb of the REDIF have to heart of to supply to the operating and to the social actors, in the different professional and associative places and also to the politicians and to the ecclesiastical, the necessary elements to the understanding and to the evaluation of the familiar situations.


 Objectives of the REDIF

 1. Relatively to the teaching the institutes and the centers limb of the REDIF have for objectives: 

  • The development of the university teaching of the academic disciplines relevant to the family;
  • THE HELP to the organization and to the development of institutes or hit the center of some family, specially to the inside of the catholic university limb of the FIUC;
  • The comparison of the programs of teaching So like the communication of knowledge, you document, materials;
  • The study of the possibility of to create, to leave from the present state of the programs and of the diplomas of the institutes limb, an European diploma.


2. Relatively to the search the institutes and the centers limb of the REDIF have for objectives:

  • The promotion of the scientific searches joined on the relevant matters to the field of the family;
  • It search for the means to activate real discussions, specially on the challenges of the familiar politics and of the right of the family;
  • THE ORGANIZATION of seminars, talks and congresses; The publication of the results.