It started with a project entitled "Questioning the State" (1999-2003), addressing the themes of legitimacy, citizenship, globalization, governance and the (European) Constitution. Seminars took place at the Université Catholique de Louvain (1999), the Institut Catholique de Paris, the Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid (2001), the Université Catholique de Lille (2002) and the Université de Paris XII (2003).

The proceedings corresponding to these first four meetings were published. Cfr. Pierre VERCAUTEREN (ed.), L'État en crise: souveraineté et légitimité en question?, Paris, IFCU, 2000; Pierre VERCAUTEREN (ed.), L’État en question: citoyenneté et État, Paris, IFCU, 2001; Miguel AYUSO (ed.), État en crise et globalisation, Paris, IFCU, 2006 ; Geert DEMUIJNCK and Pierre VERCAUTEREN (eds.), L’Etat face à la globalisation économique. Quelles formes de gouvernance ?, Paris, Sandre, 2009. The title of the du 5th, non published, was Avec la constitution européenne, que devient la légitimité de l’État ?.

At the end of this project, it was decided to adopt a triennial periodicity for the following projects.

After a parenthesis marked by a joint meeting of various Sectorial Groups held in Paris in 2005, the following research project focused on the theme "Values, Constitution, Political Community and Ethos" (2006-2008), dealing specifically with the challenge of values ​​in a constitutional process and its safekeeping in the political community. Seminars took place at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid (2006), the Mater Dei Institute of Education of the Dublin City University (2007) and the Institut Catholique de Paris (2008).

The proceedings of the first meeting were not published, unlike those of the second: Eoin Cassidy (ed.), Community, Constitution, Ethos: Democratic Values ​​and Citizenship in the Face of Globalization, Dublin, The Otior Press of the Mater Dei Institute, 2008. The third meeting was aimed at presenting the conclusions.

From this moment on, it was decided that for each project the first seminar would enable to pinpoint its topic, the second to develop it, and the third to draw conclusions. It is the custom that this last seminar be held at the Institut Catholique de Paris, so as to discuss the launch of the next project.

In 2009, the Group's third project was launched, focusing on the theme "The Transformations of Politics", special attention was devoted to the major concepts of nation, government and democracy.

The first meeting was held at the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Graces, in the Sicilian town of Avola (2009), the second at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City (2010) and the third at the Institut Catholique de Paris (2011).

Although at that time proceedings were no longer published, every effort was made to ensure that the Group's research was reflected in various publications. One can thus find them expressed at the beginning of the period in a monographic issue of Verbo, "Les transformations de la politique" (issue 465-466, 2008), then in the book of Miguel AYUSO, El Estado en su laberinto. Las transformaciones de la política contemporánea, Barcelona, ​​Scire, 2011, marking the conclusion of this project.

In 2013, a fourth project was launched under the theme "Crisis. An interdisciplinary approach". From the evidence of a financial crisis that has rapidly become economic, social and political, the objective was to study not only its consequences but also its ramifications and even its roots.

Initiatives multiplied and dispersed at that time. For example, with regard to the political dimension, Madrid hosted three seminars at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija: "Technocracy and Democracies", "Respublica christiana as a Political Issue" and "Monarchy and Democracy", whose findings were published successively in the issues 517-518 (2013), 527-528 (2014) and 535-536 (2015) of Verbo. As far as the legal dimension is concerned, it was the Universidad Católica de Colombia which served as the venue of three congresses: "Human Rights Law" (2013), "Law, Canon Law and Natural Law" (2014) and "Law and Right. 800 years of Carta Magna ". The proceedings of the first of the third encounters were also published by Verbo, in issues 513-514 (2013) and 533-534 (2015), while those of the second can be found in Miguel AYUSO’s publication (ed.), Utrumque ius. Law, canon law and natural law, Madrid, Marcial Pons, 2014. The philosophical and even theological angle was approached through several meetings held in Madrid, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Udine, Bolzano and Lisbon. The proceedings were compiled into a volume, published simultaneously in French and Spanish, and about to be published in Italian: Église et politique. Changer de paradigme (Perpignan, Artège, 2014), and Iglesia y política. Cambiar de paradigma (Madrid, Itinerarios, 2014).

The fifth project, launched at the end of 2016, will cover the period 2017-2020, and will focus on the theme "New forms of war and crisis of the State". Meetings will be held in Mexico City, Bogota, Madrid, Lyon and Paris.