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Action-oriented Programs for Catholic Universities’ Heads and Aspiring Heads

Based on the successful experience of the Rectors’ leadership program, two editions of which have proved very rewarding, several programs are now offered by IFCU to heads of affiliated institutions in order to reinforce their skills and to enable them to draw benefit from the richness brought about by exchange between peers sharing common values and issues.

Liderazgo para universidades nacional y globalmente relevantes - 2017 edition
PublicRectors, vice-rectors, deans, directors of academic units or institutes, heads of departments and institutes, students affairs, teaching, curriculum and academic development specialists
Date of trainingMay 15, 2017
Language (s) of trainingSpanish
Duration4 days
Location of trainingPontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

How do modern Catholic universities find the precise balance between serving local communities and addressing global challenges?

At this moment of intense globalization, how do Catholic universities confront multiple and complex challenges—continuing to serve their individual institutional mission, adapting and (often) transforming their programs, services, infrastructure and management to respond to the changing requirements of the social, economic and political conditions that surround them. How does senior leadership motivate professors to incorporate research about student learning and new technologies, to prepare students for rewarding personal, spiritual, and professional lives?

To develop and prosper in this context, Catholic institutions need road maps that are clear and flexible, but also leadership capable of maintaining the course while being open to unexpected opportunities that may emerge.

In this course, the facilitators direct a highly participatory workshop that introduces best practices and creates spaces for participants to consider how to integrate relevant trends. Issues covered include:

  • Effective leadership

  • Strategic planning & management

  • Internationalization in Catholic universities

  • Graduates as global citizens

  • Globally integrated institutions

  • Educating students for an unknown future

  • XXI Century approaches to teaching and learning

  • Achieving teaching excellence

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Leading Catholic Universities in the 21st Century - 2017 edition
PublicRectors and Presidents, vice-rectors, directors of administration in larger entities, those with functional responsibilities across their institution (eg for research or internationalisation), board members, senior staff identified as potential future institutional leaders, those senior staff in the Orders, for instance delegates of the Superiors, with a responsibility for higher education matters.
Date of trainingSeptember 25, 2017
Language (s) of trainingEnglish
Duration5 days
Location of trainingPontifical Irish College

This Program aims to assist participants to:

  • understand and analyse the nature and significance of the environmental challenges confronting their institutions

  • undertake a preliminary evaluation of the missions, health and effectiveness of their institutions

  • assess how mission can be reinterpreted, contextualised, and evolved in the light of its basic values and contemporary circumstances

  • develop and refine the outlines of strategic plans for the development of their institutions

  • assess their own styles of leadership and develop appropriate processes for the effective formulation of policy and the management of challenge

  • understand the nature of institutional cultures and the relationship with approaches to institutional change

  • enhance their institutions’ capacity to be agents of societal change in various domains – spiritual, social, educational, ethical, economic and cultural

  • envision leadership and management approaches.

Manager une université catholique dans un contexte de concurrence - 2017 edition
PublicRectors, vice-Rectors, deans, heads of departments
Date of trainingNovember 27, 2017
Language (s) of trainingFrench
Duration4 days
Location of trainingPontifical Irish College

Manon Marinière

Program Coordinator



This program aims to give participants the methods and tools needed to effectively manage their university or department. It will allow participants to:

• Identify the stakes and missions of the manager function

• Understand the structuring elements of a Catholic university

• Use operational tools of animation and team motivation

• Understand and know how to apply the main elements of strategic marketing applied to Catholic universities

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