Leading a Catholic University in the 21st Century

An action-oriented program for institutional heads



Attendees: presidents on their first mandate; those having the potential and intent to become presidents, who may currently be vice-presidents

Duration in residence: 5 days, plus preparatory and follow up activities, as appropriate

Dates: September 2017

Drawing on the learnings of the original Rectors program, this iteration will similarly enable rectors to consider and develop the missions of their institution, especially in the context of current and emerging issues confronting institutions in terms of Church priorities, changes in the international world of higher education and society.

It will tackle questions of institutional strategic planning and implementation, and will include the consideration of the role of the rector, especially in leading institutional change and development; the characteristics of successful universities; governance and organization reform; organizational cultures; and various aspects of development including internationalization and research policy.

It will be focused on issues defined by participants and will help them develop approaches to these issues for subsequent implementation. Considerable use will be made of members' experience and international good practice, always bearing in mind the specificities of the Catholic identity and settings.