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Humanist Constructionism

The society that we can see today is a society that presents the features of fragmentation and has contributed to the large spread of subjectivity. The disappearance of the absolute faith in the great modern stories, a 'critical' separation that the person has taken against the collective and all-encompassing worlds seems to have removed, at least as it regards the West, the possibility of a further abdication of subjectivity. The rights granted and the individual freedom of expression now seem to postulate for a person who does not want to surrender his or her own identity. Yet, this achievement does not automatically fit into a positive or advantage under the profile of the "true sense" of life and living. Freedom is an absolutely necessary condition for the dignity of the person, but left to its own devices, it remains, that is to say, pure and auto-referential negative freedom, unable to give an answer to the question of the sense and security in its ontological and psychological dimensions. As a result, the person who lives in a fragmented society is most often always free, but because of exactly this the person is often lost, anomic, needy and searching –often subconsciously– for a guide.
Bichi, Rita
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Conference Proceeding
Published in: Proceedings of the 1st FIUC International Conference on Social Sciences (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago de Chile, Spring 2011).-- 8 p.
"What Social Sciences for What Society? Towards a New Humanism from the Social Sciences". 1st FIUC International Conference on Social Sciences, Santiago de Chile, Spring 2011. pp. 80-87
Proceedings of the 1st FIUC International Conference on Social Sciences
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