16-19 January 2013 - Social “Sciences-IFCU” Sectorial Group - International Conference - A NEW SOCIAL THOUGHT FOR A NEW SOCIAL MODEL: LOOKING FOR ALTERNATIVES





Our Social “Sciences-IFCU” Sectorial Group is advancing towards its formalization. This Group will officialise its existence during a new International Conference to be held in Bangalore, India, from 16 to 19 January 2013, hosted by Christ University. This will be the second International Conference that we will organise. If the first Conference, Chile'2012, took as its problematic « Which Social Sciences for Which Society? », this second Conference calls upon us to think about a new model of solidarity and thus a new social thought which should support it as well as the practical alternatives which should lead us towards it.


Indeed, the title of the new International Conference is « A New Social Thought for a New Social Model: Looking for Alternatives ». This theme confirms that our Sectorial Group will undertake to carry out in-depth reflection and commit itself to transforming the society of our times given its present situation, by placing at the service of such a mission our excellent intellectual and academic skills in the field of research and teaching.


A team of academics has shaped this new International Conference. We have started out from the fact that our world is at a turning point. We recognise that a new way of thinking is needed to support a new model of social solidarity that would be able to overcome the context of the current economic and cultural crisis. Consequently, with regard to the Bangalore Conference, we wish to form an international network of Catholic academics to work together and advance research into the New Social Thought so ardently called for by Pope Benedict XVI in his Encyclical Caritas in Veritates, in order to attain the alternatives of an Integral Human Development.


The International Conference of Bangalore'2013 will develop its activities in two parts. In the first part, we will reflect on the social transformations that have taken place. We will focus on three aspects: (a) the socio-cultural transformation of economics and financial governance, (b) the challenges and promises of diversity and, thirdly, (c) the risks and benefits of social networking. For the analysis, we will take into account both the different disciplinary perspectives of the Social Sciences and regional perspectives. In the second part of the Conference, we will reflect on the alternatives and focus on four aspects: (a) the sustainability of « solid »  cultures in a « liquid » society, (b) the reconstruction of communities and the sources of empowerment, (c) global governance and the creative management of public goods between governments, businesses and NGOs, and (d) the contributions of new social movements and the initiatives carried out by the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre as well as the protests of the “Indignados” (the Indignants Movement in Spain).   


Finally, after this reflection, we will work on future perspectives and we will formally constitute the Sectorial Group of “Social Sciences-IFCU”. Bangalore'2013 is an International Conference committed to innovation in social thought and practical transformations. The participation of different academics from various continents will make us aware of the new model of solidarity that is necessary and of the many alternatives that are in the process of emerging today.


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